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St Giustina Disputing with Maximian, Girolama da Cremona, ca1462, copyright Victoria and Albert MuseumScope

The Section endeavors to represent libraries and organizations concerned with all formats of textual and visual documentation for the visual arts, including fine arts, applied arts, design and architecture. The Section strives to improve access to information about these subjects for users of independent research libraries, museum libraries, art libraries attached to educational institutions art departments within national, college, university and public libraries, government departments and agencies, libraries in cultural centres and other collections of art information. The Section is also concerned with the creation, study and enjoyment of the visual arts through these libraries and with the encouragement of activities of national and regional societies of art librarians and visual resources curators. It provides an international forum for the free exchange of information and materials on art and furthers the aims of the Core Activities of IFLA.

Mailing List:

IFLAART - Art Libraries Mailing List : IFLAART is a closed mailing list intended to support the activities of the Standing Committee of the IFLA Art Libraries Section. Messages to the list (iflaart@iflalists.org) can be posted by the list members only, and uniquely from their specified email addresses. For this reason, any member may add additional email addresses, if needed. Corrections and additions should be sent to Ekaterina Igoshina (ekaterina.igoshina@arts-museum.ru), the manager of the list, who will deal with the necessary updates.

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Last update: 9 June 2021