About the National Organizations and International Relations Special Interest Group


This Special Interest Group wants to be a forum for those who work in the realm of international relations to develop tools and networks and to advocate for their work both within their own organisations and with the broader IFLA professional community.

Terms of Reference

  • To develop a network of individuals whose function is to manage the international activities of a national-level organisation (institution or association)
  • To map the problems we face in our work: visits, exchanges, study tours, internal policy development
  • To determine and disseminate best practices related to international strategy and policy development, providing concrete results of cooperation
  • To develop tools which will assist in the development and management of international relations (eg. protocol factsheets, options for collaborative agreements, policy frameworks, etc.)
  • To exchange expertise in developing and maintaining international activities within an organisation
  • To promote the benefits of international relations management within organisations; and to promote the activities of the group to the wider IFLA community
  • To coordinate with the activities of Division VIII (the regional sections for Africa, Asia & Oceania, and Latin America & the Caribbean) and ALP (the Action for Development through Libraries Programme)

National Organizations and International Relations (NOIR)

Last update: 8 October 2015