About the National Information and Library Policy Special Interest Group

National Information and Library Policy SIG Mission

  • Add value to the IFLA units by sharing a set of practical solutions on establishing library and information policies at national level.
  • Provide a wide variety of opportunities for IFLA members to exchange knowledge and practices regarding improving library and information policies.
  • Facilitate and stimulate collaborations with discussions among people, organizations, cultures and subject areas.

Scope of the National Information and Library Policy SIG Activities

  • Studying the structure and implementation process of library and information policies from the perspectives of various stakeholders including the role of governmental organizations or etc.
  • Collaboratively seeking endeavors on solutions to the issues of policy making process in the context of rapidly changing and unsettled ICT environments.
  • Sharing lessons learned from national policy initiatives in diverse sociates economies, cultures.
  • Discussing a framework or model for library and information policies.

National Information and Library Policy

Last update: 28 November 2018

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