About the Evidence for Global and Disaster Health Special Interest Group

Evidence for Global and Disaster Health [E4GDH] provides a significant opportunity for libraries, under the leadership of IFLA and its Global Vision agenda, to play a critical role in supporting global and disaster health, bringing together partners and stakeholders within and outside the profession.

E4GDH encompasses the potential for librarians and their services to play an enhanced, pivotal role in the collation, organisation, assessment and deployment of information concerning global and disaster health, including disaster preparedness and risk reduction.

For librarians to achieve this potential, the necessary vision, ideas, engagement, evidence, skills training and practical support must be in place. To provide this leadership, and to enable existing expertise, organisations and resources to be harnessed, E4GDH will coordinate, stimulate and take forward the ideas and vision.

Aim / Purpose

To provide co-ordination, advocacy and leadership for cross-sectoral knowledge and library services in support of the Evidence for Global and Disaster Health (E4GDH) agenda.


A range of objectives will be co-developed and produced with groups active in this area across IFLA, and with key partners, to include the following:

  • Explore and co-ordinate opportunities for advocacy, including liaison with national and international partners, with an initial focus on Disaster Risk Reduction.
  • Map existing activity, and future opportunities, for librarians to engage in the production and mobilisation of the evidence base, including horizon scanning and methods for evidence production, particularly in relation to actionable ‘what works’ and contextual evidence in disaster situations.
  • Engage through Communities of Practice (e.g. Healthcare Information For All (HIFA) and other groups/ networks) to raise awareness, foster local initiatives and opportunities for collaboration, and sharing of practice-based experience.
  • Facilitate opportunities for training and mentoring, and improve equity and sustainability of access to skills training in the field.
  • Strengthen the capacity and capability of local library and information services in a health and disaster context, working through IFLA, and other national and international bodies and agencies.

There is currently a good and growing level of engagement from relevant organisations around E4GDH including the Disaster Information Management Research Center at the US National Library of Medicine, colleagues at Evidence Aid who are already working closely with us and the Healthcare Information For All advocacy campaign, a network of nearly 20,000 members  representing more than 2,500 organisations in 178 countries.

We believe this SIG will align with IFLA’s vision in promoting the vital role of libraries and librarians in supporting UN goals specifically Sustainable Development Goals, the Climate Change Agreement and the Sendai framework on Disaster Risk Reduction.

Terms of Reference

For more information about the structure of our SIG, please see our Terms of Reference / Roles and Responsibilities document, which was last updated October 2020.

Please get in touch if you are interested in working with us: E4GDHteam@gmail.com.

Evidence for Global and Disaster Health

Last update: 25 October 2020