About the Digital Humanities – Digital Scholarship Special Interest Group

Digital Humanities (DH) / Digital Scholarship (DS) is a key theme and professional focus identified in the 2013 IFLA Trend report, and is relevant to IFLA's mission.

The IFLA Knowledge Management Section believes that there are diverse aspects, multi-dimensional and interdisciplinary interests of DH/DS that need be explored by IFLA's broader communities in the coming
years. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • DH/DS scope, context and relevance in multi-sector library and information services organization missions;
  • Librarian and information professional's role in partnering, participating, supporting and facilitating DH/DS endeavors;
  • The applications, tools and methodologies of DH/DS from both scholar's and library/information service organization's perspectives;
  • DH/DS related digital repository, metadata, discovery, presentation, publishing and preservation;
  • DH/DS related space design, technology infrastructure, and staffing model;
  • DH/DS related core competencies, workforce development, knowledge skills building and training;
  • DH/DS funding, partnership model and sustainability;
  • The global DH/DS best practices.

Our objectives in formulating the SIG are to:

  1. Provide a globally engaged DH/DS forum among IFLA communities for exploring, developing and exchanging ideas and best practices regarding DH/DS in the context of libraries and information service organization's evolving missions. The SIG membership will identify and address the key areas of concern that affect libraries and information service organizations. The key focus identified at the WLIC 2016 meeting is the need for sharing of DH/DS scope and relevance in library context, case studies (successes and failures) on organizational model, funding model, partnership model, tools and applications, workforce and skills development, and the technologies and infrastructure support.
  2. Provide a platform within IFLA to explore, assess and develop the avenues of response from IFLA to this strategic and evolving area.

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Last update: 25 September 2017