9 August 2018

Law Libraries Section Session 232 in Kuala Lumpur

Conference Session 232: Legal Capability: Law as a Life Skill

Law Libraries and Public Libraries Sections

Wednesday, August 29th: 10:45 – 11:45

Location: Ballroom 2

This session provides an introduction to the concept of legal capability and describes different initiatives for youth and adults in USA, Canada and the UK to promote law as a life skill and help people address their everyday legal issues.

Legal Capability provides individuals with the knowledge, skills, and understanding needed to confidently engage with the law, and to assert ourselves across legal, social, and, political fields of interaction.  Legal capability also extends beyond the curriculum, it enables youth to develop personal, social and core competencies such as critical thinking, problem solving, collaborative and lifelong learning.

To the extent that the law shapes our social interaction, and, to the extent that the law informs our conduct, legal capability further prepares us for social engagement and participation. Without the confidence of legal capability, citizen can find themselves intimidated and confused by the law, unable to understand and resolve legal problems which can further prevent them from accessing the justice system. In many countries, the mission of improving legal capability is now guiding the development of public legal education, legal help resources and new curriculum.


  • Dave Nolette, Justice Education Society, Vancouver (Canada)
  • Marc Legacy, Justice Education Society, Vancouver (Canada)
  • Bonnie Hough, Judicial Council of California, San Francisco (USA)

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