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Every Community Connected: A Call to Action, a Pledge to Engage

IFLA is proud to sign up to two documents addressing a key issue of our time – the digital divide. The first calls on governments to act to support investment in wider connectivity and the libraries that help users make the most of it. The second represents a pledge to do all in our power to promote digital inclusion, and is open to wider signatures.

16 Oktober 2020 | FAIFE (Committee on Freedom of Access to Information and Freedom of Expression), Access to information, Digital inclusion, Internet access, Digital divide

IFLA at the 2020 Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum: Access to Information and Meaningful Digital Inclusion

The 2020 Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum took place between 27 and 30 of September. This platform offers unique opportunities for dialogue and collaboration among the different stakeholders interested and engaged in the way the Internet works and is governed in a region that includes the majority of the world’s population. An IFLA-led workshop explored the policy and practice perspectives on meaningful digital inclusion and access to information, drawing on the work and experiences of libraries in the region.

8 Oktober 2020 | Access to information, Access to knowledge, Digital inclusion

Understanding Library Tech Needs and Readiness: a new IFLA Briefing

Information technology continues to have a fundamental impact on the library sector; and libraries’, library users’ and policy-makers’ expectations of library services are evolving alongside technological developments and changing community needs. To make sure libraries are able to deliver on these tasks, suitable and fit-for-purpose library ICT infrastructure equipment and skills are crucial. The new IFLA briefing offers an overview of common recurring themes in relevant literature and key considerations for assessing library ‘tech readiness’.

7 Oktober 2020 | Access to information, Internet access, Library services

Libraries on the World Stage: An Interview with the Winners of the WSIS Prize

Libraries were among the winners of this year's World Summit on the Information Society Prizes, celebrating projects which show how digital technologies can contribute to development. We interviewed Heba Ismail, Director of the winning INELI-MENA programme, to find out more.

25 September 2020 | Digital libraries, E-learning, Capacity building

Emerging International Voices: IFLA Joins with Goethe Institut to Promote the Library Thought Leaders of the Future

IFLA is proud to announce a new partnership with the Goethe Institut – Emerging International Voices – bringing together active, engaged and connected emerging leaders from around the world.

24 September 2020 | Digital libraries, Digitisation, New Professionals

Libraries Supporting Digital Governance: Insights from the 2020 UN E-Government Survey

E-government – the use of ICT to deliver public services and conduct government operations – aims not only to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the public sector, but also to promote the values of openness, transparency, accountability and public access to information. These principles are of course relevant to the work and values of the library field; and libraries can offer support to digital government initiatives and strategies. The 2020 UN E-Government Survey Report offers some insights on the way libraries can help build inclusive and effective e-governments.

24 Juli 2020 | Access to information, Digital divide, Digital inclusion, Government information, Information technology

Media Literacy Training for Libraries: Tips and Takeaway Messages

This week, as part of the ongoing EU Media Literacy project in which IFLA is a partner, several European libraries followed an online course on hosting dedicated events that can help their communities become savvier digital citizens.

26 Juni 2020 | Access to information, Digital inclusion, Information literacy

IFLA at EuroDIG 2020

The 2020 European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG) took place online on June 11-12. IFLA joined the conference to get more insights on what recent trends in European internet policy and governance could be relevant and interesting for the library field.

18 Juni 2020 | Access to information, Digital divide, Information society

Libraries and Media Literacy: IFLA to Participate in an EU Project

IFLA is working on a Media Literacy project within the framework of the EU 'Preparatory Action on Media Literacy for All'. The goal is to help deliver on libraries’ potential to be agents of change and champions of media literacy, who continue to help build informed and engaged communities.

28 Mai 2020 | Access to information, Access to knowledge, Information literacy, Information society

A New Model for Digital Inclusion: An Interview with Helsingborg City Libraries

The long-standing mission of libraries to promote equitable access to information often leads them to get involved in digital inclusion efforts. We talked to Catharina Isberg, IFLA Governing Board Member and Library Director, Helsingborg City Libraries and Eva Hveem, Librarian, to find out about their experience of working with a European Union programme on the subject.

7 Mai 2020 | Public Libraries, Access to information, Digital divide, Sweden, inclusion

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