About the IFLA Committee on Standards


The IFLA Committee on Standards provides advice to the Governing Board and IFLA professional units on the strategic and ongoing management of the Federation’s professional standards. The Committee forms the central focus for standards in order to raise the visibility of IFLA’s standards within and beyond the IFLA membership, and to manage the development, maintenance, storage and access for all IFLA standards documents.

The Committee on Standards started its activities in January 2012 and conducts most of its work virtually, with face-to-face meetings taking place during the IFLA World Library and Information Congresses.


The Committee will:

  • Provide a central focus for standards in order to raise the visibility of IFLA’s standards among IFLA members and beyond:
    • promote IFLA standards to IFLA members and the wider public through relevant media (newsletter(s), web pages, the IFLA Journal and other means);
    • develop relationships with relevant external bodies, for example, other standards-issuing organisations such as ISO, AFNOR, DIN, etc. to take advantage of synergies and to promote IFLA’s standards and represent IFLA’s views. 
    • provide advice to the Governing Board on IFLA representation in standards-related bodies (within IFLA’s organisation and external to IFLA);
    • organize an  open programme during the IFLA WLIC on a theme relevant to standards.
  • Ensure the maintenance of IFLA standards through a common approach for their creation, development, translation, validation, publishing and version control:
    • ensure procedures for doing so  are current and widely available;
    • monitor the development of new or revised standards and propose to the Professional Committee their validation;
    • provide support for professional units during the development and validation processes.
  • Coordinate the maintenance, storage and access for all IFLA standards documents:
    • ensure that digital versions of standards are accessible and stored in the IFLA Library or on appropriate IFLA web pages;
    • ensure that a listing of standards according to categories and purposes, news of ongoing standards work (WGs) and publication information is maintained on IFLA’s website;
    • ensure that IFLA standards published as linked data meet the requirements proposed by the IFLA Linked Data Technical Sub-Committee (LIDATEC) (formerly  IFLA Namespaces Task Group), to ensure compatibility of IFLA standards with the semantic web.
  • Support IFLA’s strategic priorities, key initiatives, advocacy and any other ongoing activities;
    • undertake strategic planning for standards;
    • provide support to IFLA HQ for other professional activities, development and implementation of policies, and communication  in relation to standards;
    • Deal with any other matters relating to IFLA’s standards that are referred to the Committee by the Governing Board.


The Committee on Standards works in liaison with the Professional Committee to report to the Governing Board. 

The following sub-committee reports directly to the Committee on Standards:

The Chair or a representative nominated by the Chair, of the following groups are invited to the meetings of the Committee in an ex officio capacity (that is, not voting):

IFLA representatives to the following non-IFLA groups also report to the Committee on Standards:

  • CEN TC 436 European Committee for Standardization’s Technical Committee.
  • International ISBN Agency Board.
  • ISO/TC 46.

The following sub-committees and working groups previously reported to the Committee on Standards:

  • IFLA Standards Procedures Manual Working Group (April 2013 - August 2014): Results


The role, purpose and composition of the Committee shall be subject to the review requirements of the IFLA Governing Board, but in any case at least once every four years.

Date of last review and revision: April 2015.

Committee on Standards

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