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  • Sinikka Sipilä (2013-2015)

    Presidential Theme: Strong Libraries, Strong Societies Strong Libraries, Strong Societies 强大的图书馆,强大的社会 Bibliotecas fuertes para una sociedad fuerte Starke Bibliotheken, Starke...

    Informational Page - 30 July 2017

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  • Ingrid Parent, IFLA President 2011-2013

    Presidential Theme: "Libraries: a force for change" Libraries – A force for change 图书馆 – 推动变革的力量 Les bibliothèques – Une force pour le changement...

    Informational Page - 4 September 2015

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  • Ellen Tise, IFLA President 2009-2011

    Theme: Libraries Driving Access to Knowledge (A2K) Acceptance Speech Delivered by Ellen R. Tise at the 75th IFLA Congress in Milan 2009 In Depth The theme...

    Informational Page - 30 August 2012

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  • Past President Donna Scheeder (2015-2017)

    Libraries: A Call to Action Bibliotecas: un llamado a la acción Les bibliothèques : un appel à l'action Bibliotheken: Ein Aufruf zum Handeln Библиотеки -...

    Informational Page - 7 September 2009

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