International Guidelines for the Cataloguing of Newspapers

by Prepared for the Working Group on Newspapers by Hana Komorous with the assistance of Robert Harriman

These Guidelines for the cataloguing of newspapers were prepared by the IFLA Section on Serial Publications Working Group on Newspapers. The text was prepared by Hana Komorous with the assistance of Robert Harriman. In accordance with general IFLA practice, the Working Group and the Section on Serial Publications circulated the draft text of the Guidelines worldwide for comment over a period of two years.

The draft text was also discussed in depth by the participants of the International Symposium on Newspaper Preservation and Access held on August 12-15, 1987 in London. The comments received were positive and constructive. All suggested changes were incorporated. The text of the Guidelines reflects the decisions resulting from its detailed review by the membership of the Working Group.


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Last update: 22 September 2015