Newspapers: Legal Deposit and Research in the Digital Era

by Hartmut Walravens (Ed.)

Series: IFLA Publications Series 150
Publisher: De Gruyter Saur

 Legal deposit and research in the digital eraThe volume comprises the contributions to three conferences, on legal deposit in a digital environment, on web harvesting and archiving, as well as newspapers in the context of the Mediterranean. The main focus is on how to acquire, preserve and make available digital files - issues that are the current hot topics also in the world of monographs. In the newspaper world not only the quantity of data is vast and the challenges more complex, but the rights situation requires a closer cooperation between publishers-producers and aggregators-libraries to establish realistic access conditions. The papers of the Mozhaisk conference are presented both in English and Russian, and an analytic index provides access to the IFLA Newspapers Section's recent ten volumes of proceedings.

Newspapers: Legal deposit and research in the digital era

edited by Hartmut Walravens
Berlin/Munich: De Gruyter Saur, 2011
ISBN 978-3-11-025325-2
(IFLA Publications; Nr 150)
Euro 99.95 / for USA, Canada, Mexico US$ 140.00
Special price for IFLA members Euro 79.95 / for USA, Canada, Mexico US$ 112.00 

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