The World Through Picture Books (2nd Edition, 2015)

by Annie Everall and Viviana Quiñones (Eds.)

Series: IFLA Professional Reports 136
Publisher: IFLA

The World Through Picture Books (2nd Edition)We are very happy to publish the second edition of The World through Picture Books, enriched with sixteen new annotated lists. This new edition proves even more the very enthusiastic, skilled participation of librarians and the great success of this international programme.

Children’s Librarians all over the world understand how important picture books in both traditional and digital formats are for children: for their development, their cultural identity, as a springboard into learning to read for themselves; for their visual skills, and because of the closeness of sharing them with an adult. It is then very important to promote picture books and to ensure access to them.

The idea behind The World Through Picture Books is to create a list of picture books from around the world that have been recommended by librarians, as a tool for building bridges and developing understanding between countries. The project is led by IFLA Children’s and Young Adults section with support from partners IFLA Literacy and Reading section and IBBY (International Board on Books for Young People).

The World Through Picture Books: Librarians’ favourite books from their country
Expanded 2nd Edition
Edited by Annie Everall and Viviana Quiñones
The Hague, IFLA Headquarters, 2015. - 218p. 30 cm
(IFLA Professional Reports: 136)
ISSN 0168-1931

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