6 August 2015

New Preservation and Conservation (PAC) Centre for tropical climates and pest control


IFLA is pleased to announce the creation of a new Preservation and Conservation (PAC) Centre with expertise in tropical climates and pest management. The new PAC Centre is based at the National Library and Documentation Service Board of Sri Lanka. The agreement with IFLA was signed yesterday, August 5, during its 25th anniversary conference.

Signing of Agreement between IFLA and the National Library and Documentation Service Board of Sri Lanka

The Governing Board of IFLA endorsed the creation of the PAC Centre at its April 2015 meeting. The PAC Centre clearly fills gaps identified during the review of the PAC Centres and the PAC Strategic Programme which took place in 2014.

The new PAC Centre will be able to assist the region as well as other regions in need with issues around tropical climates and pest control, and will organise workshops and training around these topics.

We would like to welcome Udaya Cabral as the new Director to the PAC Centre and we are happy to extend the IFLA PAC network further. We are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration with the National Library of Sri Lanka. 

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