How to start digitising on a Shoestring

2+3D Photography – Practice and Prophecies - 2019


10 May 2019


Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, Netherlands

IFLA will be represented by Policy and Advocacy Officer, Tanja Clausen


In a time when technological digital developments change rapidly, it is essential to have a platform where we can exchange knowledge and ideas. 2and3D Photography provides this platform and distinguishes itself from other conferences by exclusively focusing on the cultural heritage image professional, for and by people active in the field.

In cooperation with the Prince Claus Fund, Tanja Clausen, (IFLA Headquarters) and Tomasz Gruszkowski (Director, PAC Poland) will be hosting the workshop on how to start digitising on a shoestring. 

Find more information about the conference and the workshop, please visit the Rijksmuseum website.

Workshop, PAC (Preservation and Conservation), Cultural heritage, Netherlands

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