7 January 2014

100 Years of Openness at the Library of the Parliament of Finland

By Sari Pajula and Arja Bellinger

The Library of the Parliament of Finland celebrated its 100th year openness jubilee in 2013.  The Library staff organised customer events and participated in trade fairs to commemorate this achievement.  The final event of the year is the production of a video by Kirjastokaista, a Finnish organisation that designs and produces web, radio and video programs for libraries.  Together with Kirjastokaista, the Library of the Parliament came up with the idea to produce a video because the Library´s story is part of the history of Finland and a good example of Finnish democracy.  The video tells the story of the Library, how it links with the history of Finland, about openness and freedom of speech – all those things that are important to the Finnish people. The project took about half a year to complete. The video was released in December 2013, and so far feedback has been positive.

Below are links to the video in Swedish and English (subtitles)


For more information about Kirjastokaista and what the organisation does for libraries, see http://www.kirjastokaista.fi/?lang=en&langu_en=on&changelanguage=1

Opening screen of the video, The Library of Parliament—100 Years of Openness

Sari Pajula, Director of the Library, talks about the importance of openness to facilitate citizens’ engagement in government

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