30 May 2013

BSLA: Regional Development Workshop in Moldova

A 2nd Building Strong Library Associations workshop was held in Moldova April 15-16 2013 for Board members and Library Association of Moldova (LAM) regional representatives. The BSLA programme in Moldova is implemented in partnership with Novateca, the Global Libraries programme in Moldova, and IREX. IFLA trainer Winnie Vitzansky led the workshop.

Outcomes of the BSLA project since November 2012 include:

  • 317 new members applied to become LAM member (January-March, 2013),
  • Established contacts with 35 county public library in order to recruit LAM members, undertook 3 meetings with LAM potential and active members (Cahul, Balti, Leova)
  • Delivered 1 training session in cooperation with Continuing Center from State Moldova University on Innovation Management for Libraries in Balti.

BSLA training modules Libraries in Society and Developing Strategic Relationships: Partnership and Fundraising provided the context for the role that library associations can play in society, what makes a successful library association. The workshop encouraged LAM members involvement in the association across the country and across all library sectors.

The training was extended to 22 librarians, members of LAM representatives from public, university, school and specialized libraries, members of LAM Board and Council and Novateca program grantees. Guests included representatives of the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, IREX and Novateca.

Achievements of LAM and and regional branches were highlighted, including a membership drive “We Welcome You to Become the LAM Member” launched by LAM. The workshop also gave updates on the LAM Annual Action Plan activities and new and updated LAM products (LAM Newsletter, LAM Journal, website) and services (trainings, field visits etc.), as well as LAM’s active role with civil society. Regional action plans and success stories and challenges in relations with public administration were shared.

The workshop discussed developing sectoral strategies related to Moldova 2020. Participants had a chance to demonstrate that librarians and libraries hold a key role in a society and were engaged in a debate discussion with Ecaterina Rudacov, representative from the Ministry of Culture on Strategy Development Culture “Culture 2020” and Valeriu Gribincea with Valentina Albu from Ministry of Communications and Information Technology on National Strategy for Information Society Development “Moldova Digital 2020”. As a result it was concluded to deliver identical letters to Ministry of Information and Technology and Ministry of Culture in order to support the LAM proposal on considering libraries as active institutions within “Moldova Digital 2020”.

Finally, participants had an active role in determining the cooperation within regional branches. The following recommendations have been offered by participants:

  • Partnership consolidation: to honor its obligations, to offer feedback after events, to enhance credibility, to initiate an action plan with partners, to create a database of partners, to promote success stories with partners, to sign partnership contacts, to advertise partnership projects co community members;
  • Organizational culture: to improve the Statute and internal LAM regulations, to create a new logo, motto and rebrand LAM, to build a relation with mass media;
  • Membership recruitment: to organize meetings with LAM members and nonmembers, to keep formal and nonformal communication, to promote at local and central level LAM activities, to initiate field visits at the LAM branches;
  • New services and products: to offer training courses (English language etc.), to continue to publish LAM newsletter and journal, to support LAM webpage, to help LAM members to apply for grants, to support LAM members to get promotions/attestations, to initiate national competitions for LAM members.

Report prepared by:
Mariana Harjevschi
BSLA country project coordinator
President, Library Association of Moldova

LDP (Library Development Programme), Associations, Republic of Moldova, Building Strong Library Associations

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