4 April 2013

ALP News: Building Strong Library Associations (BSLA) Programme

By Fiona Bradley

Library associations are key institutions in the library and information sector around the world. Library associations are advocates for equitable access to information, and help to build strong, sustainable library communities by improving services for library users, and supporting development of the profession. The IFLA Building Strong Library Associations Programme, launched in 2010, offers a strategic and coordinated approach to capacity building and sustainability of library associations. This report highlights the first six country projects undertaken between 2010 and 2012 including the first project in Asia and Oceania, in Lebanon.

Each association participating in the programme has achieved membership growth, strengthened partnerships, and advocated on behalf of the profession. They have partnered with Ministries of Arts and Culture, shared their experiences with other countries through conferences and events, and strengthened their skills in running associations.

Each association also made a presentation at the IFLA Conference in Helsinki. You can now download the presentations from the BSLA section on the IFLA website which presents the highlights of the projects in the associations' own words. Singapore may provide you with an opportunity.

BSLA in Nepal
The BSLA country project in Nepal, which began in June 2011, held its final activities in November 2012 in Kathmandu including a workshop on advocacy, work on the Nepal Community Library Association’s vision and mission, and relationships with stakeholders including the Nepal Library Association. The meeting also provided the opportunity to review the project and help the association plan for its future sustainability.

ALP Small Projects Update
This year’s ALP small project in the Asia and Oceania region, in Vietnam, was a success and provided opportunities to develop the leadership skills of current and future leaders of the Vietnam
Library Association. Michael Robinson led the workshop.

IFLA International Leaders Programme
The International Leaders Programme is a two-year Programme designed to increase the cohort of leaders who can effectively represent the wider library sector in the international arena, and to develop leaders within IFLA. The Associates met for the first time at the IFLA Congress in Helsinki, taking part in a week of activities.

They are attached to projects including access to digital content, Open Access, Copyright Exceptions and Limitations, Libraries as Agents for Development, and Regional Collaboration for advocacy. Each project will report back on their progress during the next IFLA Congress in Singapore. Work so far includes research, surveys, representation at international events, and development of toolkits.

Three Associates from the region, from Federated States of Micronesia, Philippines, and Australia were selected.

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