The World Through Picture Books

The World Through Picturebooks catalogue 2nd edition

The aim of The-World-Through-Picture-Books programme is to create an annotated list of picture books from around the world, recommended by librarians. The programme is led by IFLA Libraries for Children and Young Adults Section.

In 2021 a working group is currently reviewing the excellent World-Through-Picture-Books Programme. We now seek countries to submit selections for the 3rd edition, chosen by the librarians in that country, with agreed criteria (see list of pdf below).

The programme was launched in 2011. The response from librarians – as well as from authors and publishers on the lists - has been very positive. In August 2012, we published the first results: lists of favourite books from thirty countries. The 2012 1st edition of the multilingual catalogue was replaced by an expanded 2nd edition in 2015. The catalogue is downloadable free of charge and printable. It was also published and sold as an  IFLA Professional Report, but is now out of print.

Two exhibition collections of the books have been created, thanks to donations by the publishers. These are based in the National Libraries of Japan and France. They have been shown in several countries. At the moment only the exhibition based in Japan is available for loan to libraries in all countries wishing to exhibit them.

Practical information for borrowing the exhibition from Japan.

This is an ongoing programme. If your country has not yet participated, please contact please contact the coordinators Claire Stuckey for countries A-J and Annie Everall for countries K-Z.

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Download the Poster: [PDF]

PDF downloads for more information:

Information for country coordinators for uploading the selected titles to the google.doc in English

Information and criteria in English

Information and criteria in Arabic

Information and criteria in Chinese

Information and criteria in French

Information and criteria in Russian

Information and criteria in Spanish

Request for country Coordinators in English

Request for country Coordinators in Arabic

Request for country Coordinators in French

Request for country Coordinators in Russian

Request for country Coordinators in Spanish

The World Through Picture Books working group 2021: Claire Stuckey (Australia), Annie Everall (UK), Anton Purnik (Russia), Antonella Lamberti (Italy), Daniela Skokovic (Serbia), Maria Alekseeva (Russia), Naoko Nakajima (Japan)

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Last update: 19 August 2021