International Leaders Programme project descriptions: Internet Governance Forum

Description: The Internet Governance Forum is an outcome of the World Summit on the information Society (WSIS) process. The IGF is a multistakeholder high-level discussion forum that addresses governance issues relating to the development of the Internet including human rights, security, protocols and access. IFLA, alongside Electronic Information for Libraries, has founded a Dynamic Coalition on Public Access in Libraries at the internet Governance Forum. This DC has the following objectives:

  • To place public access to the Internet through public libraries on the agenda of the IGF as a cross-cutting issue on a number of IGF key themes e.g. Internet Governance and Development; Access and Diversity; Security, Openness and Privacy; Youth.
  • To ensure that representatives of libraries and their users are consulted on issues of Internet Governance within, and outside of, the context of the IGF.
  • To create a dialogue between library representatives and policy makers on the potential of public libraries in major policy areas such as social cohesion, education, employment, community development, health and agriculture, in pursuit of sustainable funding and favourable policies towards libraries.
  • To feed in IGF-related activities to existing EIFL and IFLA work programmes for ICTD in 2012 and beyond, such as the Beyond Access Campaign on libraries and development, European Union activities on e-Inclusion and the IFLA World Library and Information Congress (WLIC) in Helsinki in August 2012.

International Platform: IGF, WSIS

Ownership: IFLA HQ

Role of Participant:

  • Attendance at IFLA WLIC 2012, 2013, 2014
  • Advocate for a greater role for libraries in Internet governance issues within the context of the IGF, as well as in their own country and region.
  • Work closely with the organisers of the Dynamic Coalition to undertake various activities in support of its objectives.
  • Be a full and active member of the Dynamic Coalition through online communications and in-person activities where appropriate.
  • Provide support as needed and, where appropriate, take the lead on issues identified by the organisers of the Dynamic Coalition.

Expected Commitment of Participant:

  • Active participation in the organising committee of the Dynamic Coalition. This will involve regular communication (online and by phone), discussion and work assignments (research and policy development) to fulfil the objectives above
  • Active participation in the Coalition in its broadest sense, including on mailing lists and in other online forums where relevant issues are discussed
  • Production of documentation and materials in support of the Dynamic Coalition’s objectives.
  • Attendance at relevant IGF meetings, and active participation in associated presentations and advocacy to the different stakeholders present at the IGF (Governments, businesses, civil society)
  • Advocacy for public libraries’ role in development in the participant’s own country and work with the national library association to develop policies and activities that support this

Expected Project Outcomes:


  • The participant will work with library experts in the field of Internet Governance, and collaborate with representatives of all stakeholder groups to advocate for libraries’ involvement
  • The participant will develop an understanding of the WSIS process in general and the Internet Governance Forum in particular, and the role that libraries can play within them to advance the public access to the Internet.
  • The participant will gain experience in producing supporting materials that can be used for advocacy at national and international levels.
  • The participant will gain experience of presenting in high-level international forums such as the IGF, and advocating to government officials in support of agreed policy positions.


  • IFLA will gain added capacity and expertise in support of its work at WSIS and the IGF, and an advocate for its positions at a national level.
  • IFLA will benefit by being able to draw upon the increased expertise of the participant in future advocacy situations relating to libraries and Internet governance.


  • Director of Policy and Advocacy
  • Chair of the FAIFE Committee
  • Members of FAIFE Committee
  • Members of IFLA Working Group on ICT for Development
  • Members of the Dynamic Coalition organising committee

Relationship to Programme:

  • Connected with Libraries as Agents for Development Project, Impact Project

Which Criteria are Most Important in This Project:

  • Experience of high-level advocacy activities and engagement with government, business and civil society representatives e.g. at a national or regional levels
  • Written communication skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Organisational and project management skills
  • Ability to travel internationally

LDP (Library Development Programme), leadership

Last update: 5 October 2012