Regional Cooperation: challenge and opportunity

ALP Small Project 2012: Emerging and Developing

“Regional Cooperation: challenge and opportunity”
Hrvatsko knjižničarsko društvo – Croatian Library Association

IFLA, in association with CLA, will:

  1. Provide professional development of librarians especially in leadership advocacy for libraries and library associations in South Eastern Europe
  2. Collaborate with other associations to develop joint projects on continuing professional development for librarians

The project consists of the following:

  1. Two train the trainer workshops: 1 workshop on leadership, one on advocacy (12 trainees in each workshop)
  2. Pilot workshop delivered by new trainers for 60 participants of the 38th Croatian Library Association General Conference and Assembly

LDP (Library Development Programme), Associations, ALP (Action for Development through Libraries Programme)

Last update: 5 October 2012