BSLA Country Project: Nepal

About the Association

The project is a collaboration between the Nepal Community Library Association (NCLA), and the Nepal Library Association (NLA). The NLA will participate in activities and provide resource persons to the project. NCLA and NLA will collaborate to advocate for development of the library and information sector as a whole, especially at the regional and local level due to the instability in national government at present.

NCLA is a young association (5 years old) but only became more active since the 2009 General Assembly. There is a need to develop leadership skills within the association. Currently, NCLA has 44 members (institutional).

Project Goals

  1. Governance: To increase membership and transition to a librarian-led board.
  2. Advocacy: To work at the local and regional levels for library funding, and to share experiences with other library sectors through NCLA, and to work with NLA and other stakeholders on the national library policy.
  3. Sustainability: To identify sources of funding and member services and partnerships

Project Team

Sabita Shrestha, In-country facilitator, (NCLA Secretariat, READ Nepal)
Bashu Dev Dhungana, President NCLA
Bhola Shrestha, Former President of Nepal Library Association and Former president of REFSALA, resource person
Prakash Thapa-President Nepal Library Association, resource person
Keat Fong Tan: IFLA Regional Office for Asia and Oceania
Mike Robinson: Trainer
Chihfeng Lin: Trainer
Fiona Bradley, ALP Programme Coordinator, IFLA

LDP (Library Development Programme), Associations, Building Strong Library Associations

Last update: 5 October 2012