7th International Summit of the Book


18 – 19 March 2018


Baku, Azerbaijan

IFLA will be represented by Past President, Ingrid Parent


The 7th International Summit of the Book, held in Baku, Azerbaijan, continues a series of events focused on all aspects of books and their contribution to society. This edition focuses on learning, tolerance, dialogue and understanding, and includes speakers from around the world, many of whom are current or former leaders of their countries.

Individual sessions will focus on development, cultural heritage, education and media literacy, training, and the future of libraries. Ms Parent will both join the opening panel for the event, and lead the session on cultural heritage, raising awareness among participants of the need for effective preservation policies, including in the digital age. 

More information is available about the event on its website.

Conference, PAC (Preservation and Conservation), Cultural heritage, Literacy, Reading, Azerbaijan

Last update: 13 April 2018