Call for Papers - Law in Transition - Challenges for Legal Research and Legal Methodology in Post-communist Europe

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6 March 2017


Wroclaw, Poland,


The IFLA Law Libraries Section and Government Libraries Section are seeking proposals for papers to be presented at a session during the IFLA World Library and Information Congress in Wroclaw, Poland, August 19-25, 2017. The conference theme is “Libraries. Solidarity. Society.”

Poland and many other countries in Central and Eastern Europe have transitioned from Communist legal systems to traditional civil law systems. This raises several issues relating to legal methodology and legal research, and complicates orientation in the region’s legal information environment. Communist systems might have published court decisions but did not recognize their precedential value. New systems that have implemented EU law and ECHR-based law do rely on case law. In many countries, Communist-era statutes remain in force and exist alongside new or reformed statutes often regulating similar issues. In addition, many countries have adopted legal transplants. For example, the United States has offered aid projects introducing translations of the U.S. Code to countries drafting new codes.

Proposal abstracts must be submitted by 6 March 2017. Additional information on call for papers here

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