BSLA Country Project: Moldova

Association Profile

The Library Association of Moldova (ABRM) gathers over 1500 members representing the whole national system of information and library institutions in Moldova.

Project Goals

The project goals includes:

Developing Internal Governance

The association developed two Bylaws (Regulation on LAM Board and Council and Regulation on LAM Branches), that advanced the association to operate the board’s activities efficientl, and to underline clear lines of decision making and communication between the council, board, regions and professional committees. The association also developed one LAM Strategy for 2014-2018, that envision LAM future priorities. Additionally LAM developed The LAM Annual Plan for 2013, and the LAM Training Annual Plan for 2013. In order to conduct responsibilities efficiently within the LAM committees and commissions, job descriptions have been developed for each LAM Council member.

Increase Regional and Rural Representation

The association involved and developed their loyal membership framework. The membership grew with up to 400 newcomers; incorporated new members from South region that have been missing within LAM in the last few years; and attracted new librarians from school and colleges libraries. The LAM designed and developed a database in order to organize the membership forms and process statistical data about its members. The LAM launched a Newsletter and updated the LAM website in order to support a better communication with its members.


The association undertook an active attitude in order to influence sectorial policies related to Moldova 2020: E-Culture, Digital Moldova, and E-education, and furthermore developed relationships with different ministries (Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education, Ministry Information Technology and Communications) through seven meetings to focus on the promotion of libraries and to influence various strategic library documents: Law on Libraries, Regulation on award categories of qualification frameworks library.

Activities and news

Workshop participants at the Board of The Library Association of Moldova (LAM)

Workshop participants at the Board of The Library Association of Moldova (LAM) in December 2012 in Chişinău, Moldova

Information and resources

Project Team

Mariana Harjevschi, BSLA country project coordinator; President, Library Association of Moldova
Winnie Vitzansky, Trainer
Fiona Bradley, IFLA ALP Programme Coordinator

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Last update: 18 April 2017