5 July 2011

Ukraine: Ukrainian Library Association Presents BSLA Program at the International Crimea Conference 2011


On June 7-10, 2011, under IFLA Building Strong Library Association (BSLA) Programme, the Ukrainian Library Association (ULA) together with the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, and the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine conducted a number of events at the International Library Conference “Crimea 2011”.

Library Associations in Society

On June 7, ULA used the opportunity to promote the BSLA programme and to deliver materials on the topic, “Library Associations in Society”. ULA members were involved in several activities at the conference:

  • Presentations at the special session “Library Associations as a Democratic Institution for the Profession Development and Management of the Field”
  • Round table “IFLA BSLA Programme in Ukraine”
  • Provided training on library videos.

More than 50 librarians took part in this ULA special event at the International Library Conference “Crimea 2011”. Participants of this session were greeted by the Deputy Minister of Culture of Ukraine Victoria Lisnycha, President of the Ukrainian Library Association Ms.Iryna Shevchenko, President of Russian Library Association Mr.Vladimir Firsov. The session was moderated by BSLA local trainer for Ukraine and ULA Vice-President Valentyna Pashkova, and Iryna Shevchenko, ULA President.


ULA created a poster “Strong Library Association” which was used to advertise the program at large and the event for more than 800 participants of the Crimea Library Conference. Balloons with the signature “Ukrainian Library Association” were also used.

Training of Trainers

On June 9 and 10, BSLA training of trainers sessions took place. Moderated by Valentyna Pashkova, these sessions concentrated on the modules “Building Your Library Association: Communication, Vision, Strategic Planning” on June 9, and “Developing Strategic Relationships: Partnerships” on June 10. This two-day workshop included 15 participants — a mix of current board members and regional chapter leaders, activists, library schools professors, emerging leaders and executive office staff that have an interest in going out to the regions and training others. It gave these future trainers an opportunity to practice their skills and to receive feedback from experienced trainers and participants. The plan for cascade workshops in the regions of Ukraine was also elaborated at the last session. Observers from several countries also participated.

IFLA Forum

On June 9, IFLA Forum at the Conference “Crimea 2011” took place. One of the topics discussed was “Effective Management of Library Associations” under IFLA BSLA Programme. IFLA President Ellen Tise, ULA President Iryna Shevchenko, Russian Library Association President Vladimir Firsov and Executive Director of Library Consortium of Kazakhstan Irina Solovyova took part at the panel presentation. Yakov Shraiberg, President of the Library Conference Organizing Committee opened the Forum and introduced the participants. IFLA President Ellen Tise underlined the role of library associations and IFLA in the modern world and in the development of a democratic society, and shared an appreciation of ULA’s activities under the BSLA programme. ULA President Iryna Shevchenko described the aim and the main outcomes of IFLA BSLA programme in Ukraine.

Award for ULA and “Crimea 2011”
At the Conference Closing Session, the ULA special programmme at the International Library Conference “Crimea 2011” and its moderator Valentyna Pashkova were presented with an award by the conference organisers.

More information about the Building Strong Library Associations programme is available on the IFLA website, and more information about the Ukrainian Library Association’s participation is available in their country report.


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