5 January 2012

Ukraine: Latest cascade workshops reach 70 librarians

In late 2011, the Ukraine Library Association organised a number of cascade workshops as part of the Building Strong Library Associations programme. The workshops, in Kyiv, followed a series of cascade activities including workshops at the 2011 conference in Crimea and in Kharkiv.

BSLA Cascade Workshops, Kyiv Ukraine, December 2011

On December 20, 20 librarians from various Kyiv libraries - public, university, and national - participated in the BSLA workshop. The workshop focused on effective partnerships including partnerships with publishers. This workshop was included in the program of the International Kyiv Book Fair organized by the State Committee of Ukraine on television and radio.

On December 28, another BSLA workshop was held for 50 librarians at the National Library of Ukraine for Children. The workshop focused on Module 1: Library Associations in Society: An Overview.

At both workshops, theory from the BSLA modules was combined with examples of best practice from the Ukraine Library Association and other associations.

More information about the Building Strong Library Associations programme is available on the IFLA website, and more information about the Ukrainian Library Association’s participation is available in their country report

BSLA Cascade Workshops, Kyiv Ukraine, December 2011

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