2 March 2011

Strength and continuity a focus for Lebanese Library Association

The first Building Strong Library Associations workshop in Lebanon was held in Beirut, Lebanon from January 27-30 2011. During the workshop, participants worked through two modules, Building Your Library Association, and Strategic Relationships: Partnerships and Fundraising. Participants from a broad range of library sectors, and current and former members of the Lebanese Library Association committee worked with trainer Premila Gamage to revise their governance documents, and strategise about new partnerships.

The association has already begun work on a number of outcomes following the workshop:

  • Drafting a list of potential partners by linking partner’s and LLA objectives
  • Listing possible projects to apply for grants
  • Listing probable methods by which to communicate to members such as creating a Facebook page and downloading a report of the BSLA workshop with pictures for visibility and to attract members
  • Surveying the library community (members and non-members) to identify needs
  • Working on branding
  • Attracting librarians in key government organizations: Parliament, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Banque du Liban to assist in getting voice heard
  • Drafting a preliminary mission of the Association with a list of objectives and identifying possible project plans

The enthusiasm of LLA members during the workshop and in follow-up activities will be carried through to their next workshop, in June, and throughout the programme. LLA President Fawz Abdullah made a presentation about the programme in Lebanon at the IFLA Asia and Oceania midterm meeting and HKLA seminar in Hong Kong, held in February 2011.

More information about the Building Strong Library Associations programme is available on the IFLA website, and more information about the Lebanese Library Association's participation is available in their country report.


Workshop participants in Beirut, Lebanon with trainer Premila Gamage

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