29 November 2011

Revised Library Statistics for Advocacy training module now available

A revised and expanded version of the training module, Library Statistics for Advocacy, is now available from the IFLA Online Learning Platform. This module was designed by a working group of IFLA's Statistics and Evaluation Section.

The module provides an comprehensive trainers manual with an overview of sources of statistics information, basic methods, and case studies from several countries. The module has already been successfully rolled out in workshops in Greece, Sweden, Lithuani and will be delivered in Ukraine in 2012 as part of their Building Strong Library Associations project.

The module has been revised and updated to provide more guidance and materials on impact evaluation - an approach to evaluating the difference that libraries make and identifying ways to present results that will make a difference to policymakers.

The IFLA Online Learning Platform allows IFLA members to:

  • Download high-quality training materials and case studies
  • Participate in online learning activities and discussions
  • Contribute their stories of how they have used the programme

Combined with the availability of this content through the online learning platform, this is a significant resource for all of IFLA's members.

LDP (Library Development Programme), Associations, Building Strong Library Associations

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