9 May 2012

Review meetings share successes, measure the impact of BSLA

A series of review meetings are underway in the six BSLA countries which will complete their projects this year. Since 2010, projects in Botswana, Cameroon, Lebanon, Lithuania, Peru and Ukraine have worked through a series of stakeholder meetings, needs assessments, workshops, mentoring, and other activities. During the review meetings, associations are sharing how the situation in their country has changed in the past two years, and what difference the BSLA programme has made.

Association board members take an active role in planning presentations and visits to stakeholders to present the results of the project and discuss the future of libraries in their country and how associations can support that work.

As each meeting is completed, impact reports on each country will be produced. Associations will plan their next steps beyond the funded period of the project, deciding how to keep IFLA up to date with activities in the future, prioritising strategies and activities, and in some cases preparing for elections and discussing how to sustain BSLA to the next board.

LDP (Library Development Programme), Associations, Building Strong Library Associations

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