14 December 2010

Renewing strategy and Code of Ethics at the Russian Library Association

The Russian Library Association held a workshop to renew their strategy and Code their Ethics in St Petersburg, November 29-30 2010. 15 librarians and officers of the association from across Russia participated in the workshop, which was facilitated by IFLA Governing Board member Michael Heaney. 

Elena Tikhonova during the workshop

The Strategic Relationships: Partnerships and Fundraising module of the Building Strong Library Associations programme was delivered during the workshop. The RLA made great progress in identifying their priorities for developing, and Code for Russian Librarians during the workshop and will follow up the outcomes with a presentation at the next Russian Library Association conference

Workshop participants and facilitator, Michael Heaney

IFLA's Russian Language Centre provided translations of the workshop materials, and IFLA ALP provided funding to support the project.

A report on the workshop in Russian language is available on the RLA's website, and more information about the goals of the project are available at the IFLA ALP site.  

Vladimir Firsov, Elena Tikhonova, and Michael Heaney

Vladimir Firsov, Elena Tikhonova, and Michael Heaney

LDP (Library Development Programme), Associations, Russian Federation, Building Strong Library Associations, ALP (Action for Development through Libraries Programme)

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