18 October 2012

LSN Chair, Veronica L C Stevenson-Moudamane, Speaks at Croatian Library Association's 9th LSN Annual Roundtable October 12th in Zagreb

The Croatian Library Association's 9th Round Table for library services to persons with special needs was held in Zagreb on Friday October 12th, 2012.. The topic of the Round Table with international participation was Gifted Children and Young Adults in the Library and the Library for Gifted Children and Young Adults and was held at the City Library in Zagreb, Department for Children and Young Adults, Starčevićev trg 4, Zagreb from 10,00 AM until 3,30 PM.

The Round Table is organized by the Croatian Library Association's Section for Library Services to People with Special Needs and  Section on Reading and co-organized by the Zagreb City Libraries – City Library.

Members of the Programme and Organization Board are: Veronika Čelić-Tica, Dunja Marija Gabriel,  Davorka Semenić-Premec (moderator of the 1st part of the round table), Ljiljana Sabljak (moderator of the 2nd part of the round table) and Amelija Žulj.

Possibilities for the promotion of reading and improvement of library services for the gifted and special needs child were disscussed. The goal of the Round Table is to demonstrate how a library can be a pleasant and stimulating surrounding for gifted and special needs children and young adults; and how libraries can incorporate programs for access into their services and resources.  Legal and sublegal acts on education of gifted pupils was also discussed. 


Jasna Cvetković Lay, Center for Encouragement of Reading Bistrić [Brainy], Zagreb:

Chalanges of working with the gifted

Uma Gradac:

I am a gifted child and I write books

Veronica LC Stevenson-Moudamane, Daly City Libraries, California

Working with gifted children and young people in USA

Veronika Ćelić-Tica, National and University Library in Zagreb:

The role of a school library within a curriculum differentiation which referes to the gifted pupils

Bogdanka Conjar,  Elementary School Grabrik, Karlovac:

Some models of co-operation between a school and the association regarding care for potentially gifted pupils

„Amazing kids“ – selected scenes from a Croatian documentary on gifted children

Margareta Peršić:

I was a gifted child

Arijana Plahutar, Kindergarden Hrvatski Leskovac:

NTC learning system

Ana Bošković, Elementary Shool of  Ivan Kukuljević, Sisak:

Co-relation of library and Croatian class

Milijana Kovačević, Elementary Shool Kman Kacunar, Split:

Brainies without boundaries

Meri Butirić, Section for Library Services to People with Special Needs (CLA):

Giftedness – programmes for „little geniuses“ in Split

Verena Tibljaš, City Library Rijeka:

Experience of a public library with gifted children and young adults

Davorka Semenić-Premec, Zagreb City Libraries, Savski gaj Library:

Gifted children as fiction characters

Ana Barbarić, CLA's Occasional Editions, Editor-in-Chief:

Review of IFLA-s Using research to promote literacy and reading in libraries: guidelines for librarians

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