15 February 2012

IFLA Building Strong Library Associations mini-congress, Berlin Germany, February 23-24 2012

Representatives from BSLA country projects will meet in Berlin, Germany on February 23-24 for the first ever BSLA mini-congress. The IFLA Management of Library Associations Section (MLAS) midterm meeting will be held following this meeting from February 24-25.

These meetings will provide an ideal opportunity not only for participating BSLA countries to learn from each other, but to network more broadly with other associations and identify opportunities for mentoring on specific topics.

The purpose of the BSLA mini-congress is to:

  • Network between BSLA countries
  • Review the BSLA programme, and results
  • Share strategies and learning between countries, and trainers
  • Develop strategies to sustain the projects beyond 2012 - including continuing advocacy, training, and monitoring
  • Observe the work of the IFLA MLAS section, and to network with associations beyond the BSLA group

The BSLA meeting will be a very interactive meeting involving presentations, group work, discussions, and practical activities to take back to their associations.

Attendees will include core trainers and association experts, in-country facilitators and association presidents from more than a dozen associations, including all current country projects.

To follow the event online, follow the Twitter hashtags, #bsla and #ifla

More information about the Building Strong Library Associations programme
is available on the IFLA website.

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