3 August 2012

IFLA Building Strong Library Associations Impact Report and activities in Helsinki

Library associations are key institutions in the library and information sector around the world. Library associations are advocates for equitable access to information, and help to build strong, sustainable library communities by improving services for library users, and supporting development of the profession. The IFLA Building Strong Library Associations Programme, launched in 2010, offers a strategic and coordinated approach to capacity building and sustainability of library associations.

Six associations participated in the initial two-year country projects (2010-2012) and were paired with library association experts (core trainers) who traveled to their assigned country several times to deliver workshops and activities. Each association participating in the programme has achieved membership growth, strengthened partnerships, and advocated on behalf of the profession. They have partnered with Ministries of Arts and Culture to improve funding for public libraries, worked with municipal governments to provide advice on new regional libraries, shared their experiences with other countries, and strengthened their skills in running associations.

We are delighted to launch a report presenting the highlights of the first six country projects undertaken between 2010 and 2012.

The report will be formally launched at the IFLA Congress in Helsinki during session 138, and a limited number of print copies of the report will also be available from the IFLA booth and sessions. We would like to extend a special invitation to all those in Helsinki to attend the following sessions:

1. Session 72 — IFLA Market: Building Strong Library Associations

12 August 2012 12:00 - 13:30 Room: Session Room 4
Attend the BSLA session at the IFLA market to hear a selection of ‘results and success stories’ from the programme (full results will be presented in session 138). We will also cover how all members can get involved, and make use of the learning materials for workshops and online.
ALP Q&A: Learn more about IFLA’s Action for Development through Libraries Programme (ALP), Building Strong Library Associations programme and IFLA’s policy-based training.

2. Session 138 — Building strong library associations: results from the first six country projects

14 August 2012 13:45 - 15:45 Room: Session Room 1
Attend the BSLA session at the IFLA market to hear a selection of ‘results and success stories’ from the first 6 countries taking part in the programme and the formal launch of the BSLA Impact Report. This session will have Simultaneous Interpretation.

3. Poster sessions

BSLA will be represented in the poster exhibition, come along to meet and talk with members of the ALP committee and BSLA project representatives.

4. Session 202 — Findings from the Global Impact Study: what it means for public libraries - ALP with the University of Washington and eIFL

ALP will host this session which will present the results of several recent impact studies.

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