24 November 2009


IFLA at the Frankfurt Bookfair, October 2009

Frankfurt Book Fair, October 2009

Just as in previous years, IFLA had a presence at this year's Frankfurt Bookfair which was held this past October.   On 13 October a one-day conference was held on the theme Enhancing the culture of reading and books in the digital age in a cooperation of IFLA with a number of other organisations; for details, please refer to the programme


In addition, we also had a booth where IFLA was promoted; many colleagues also dropped by to greet us or to request for specific information about our upcoming Congress in Gothenburg . China was the Guest of honor of the Frankfurt Bookfair 2009, so many Chinese colleagues were attending.

China National Publications Import and Export Corporation visiting the IFLA booth

Representatives of the China National Publications Import & Export Corporation visiting the IFLA booth

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