1 February 2010

IFLA announces renewed focal areas, funding for ALP

By Stuart Hamilton and Fiona Bradley

From 2010 the IFLA Action for Development through Libraries Programme (ALP) will be the primary vehicle for delivering the Professional Development strand of IFLA’s Advocacy Framework through training based on policy and guidelines developed by IFLA’s core activities or sections.  From February 1st 2010 ALP moves to IFLA Headquarters where it will come under the responsibilities of the Senior Policy Advisor Stuart Hamilton. Fiona Bradley, the new ALP Programme Co-ordinator, will manage the implementation of all ALP activities. The ALP Committee will provide advice to ALP and select projects to be funded.

ALP will continue to build on the success of the programme over past years.  From 2010 onwards ALP projects will focus on professional priorities for the development of the library and information profession that are linked to IFLA’s strategic objectives. The grassroots approach of ALP will continue, with local communities submitting project proposals. There will be a preference for projects based on IFLA’s training packages and that build sustainability and capability in local library communities in developing countries or emerging economies around the world.

The centrepiece of the new approach to ALP is the Building Strong Library Associations Programme (BSLA). This comprehensive programme offers a strategic and coordinated approach to capacity building and sustainability of library associations for the benefit of associations, libraries, and their communities.

Call for applications: ALP small projects, Building Strong Library Associations projects

The IFLA Action for Development through Libraries Programme (ALP) is pleased to announce the call for project applications for 2010. ALP supports projects in training and development in developing countries and emerging economies with an emphasis on capacity building and train-the-trainer or cascading delivery.

Project applications can be made to the IFLA ALP Programme for support to library associations, groups of libraries, or others who want to develop co-operation, knowledge and services within the special programme areas of ALP. Priority will be given to projects proposed by IFLA members (or by institutions/organisations sponsored to join IFLA through a mentoring partnership with a library association). All projects should have the support of an appropriate institution(s), association and the appropriate Regional Section or MLAS (Management of Library Associations Section) to implement the project.

The types of projects that ALP supports include:

  •  One-off workshops and training activities, delivering existing IFLA’s policy-based training materials (for example, training materials developed by FAIFE)
  • Workshops, training and capacity building projects based on ALP focal areas
  • Longer-term capacity building activities and training designed to support the development of the sector in a country, for example through the Building Strong Library Associations Programme

Application guidelines can be found in full on the IFLA website together with application forms. Applications should be submitted to the relevant regional office (or MLAS as applicable) and ALP by 1 May 2010 for project applications, and by 9 April for Building Strong Library Associations programme applications.

The IFLA Governing Board dissolved the existing ALP Advisory Board on December 2 and appointed those present at the ALP meeting on December 1 2009 to serve as the interim committee until the new committee is appointed by the Governing Board in April 2010. The members of the committee are: Helena Asamoah-Hassan, Buhle Mbambo-Thata, Jésus Lau, Winnie Vitzansky, Janice Lachance, Stuart Hamilton (Senior Policy Advisor, ex officio), Fiona Bradley (ALP Programme Coordinator, ex officio, secretary). Birgitta Sandell will serve as an advisor to the committee.

More information is available about ALP and the Building Strong Library Associations Programme at: http://www.ifla.org/alp by contacting the ALP Programme Co-ordinator Fiona Bradley via email: fiona.bradley@ifla.org

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