11 August 2009

Fundación La Fuente Received an Important Recognition at the 59th Anniversary by the Cámara Chilena del Libro

By Veronica Abud

At the Hotel Sheraton, and with the assistance of more than 300 people of the editorial, academic, and intellectual world, the Cámara Chilena del Libro celebrated 59 years of life. In the occasion, were delivered the Prizes Cámara Chilena del libro  2009 in recognition to the people, businesses and institutions that have noticeable by its contribute and support to the promotion of book and the reading in the country.  In the category, Promotion of the Reading, the prize fell in Fundación La Fuente, in recognition to its noticeable work and management in the promotion of the reading.  In name of the foundation received the recognition its executive director, Veronica Abud, who since the year 2000 directs this private institution without end of gain, the one that seeks to design and to implement projects around the books and the reading.

Fundación La Fuente has itself noticeable by the creation of moderns and attractive libraries in public schools, rural sectors and the Biblioteca Viva, in the shopping centers “Mall Plaza”, unpublished initiative in Hispanomérica. 

More information at: www.fundacionlafuente.clwww.bibliotecaviva.cl 

Photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/fundacionlafuente

Blog: www.fundacionlafuente.wordpress.com

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