31 January 2011

Creating a more dynamic, representative library association in Cameroon

Cameroon participants

The Association of Librarians, Archivists, Documentalists and Museum Curators (ABADCAM) first workshop in the Building Strong Library Associations programme was carried out January 10-13 in Yaoundé, Cameroon with the goal to begin building a strong foundation for a transparent, representative, and dynamic association. Core trainer Jacinta Were led participants through two modules, Library Associations in Society and Building Your Library Association. The first workshop aimed at giving basic skills in leadership and good governance.

After being dormant for several years, the President of the association, together with participants at the workshop, have endorsed the current executive committee that will work together during the rest of the project. An election will be held in two years time.

The Workshop also agreed on an Activity Committee  to work together with the Executive on the Plan of Action agreed upon by the workshop. Five participants volunteered to serve on the new Activity Committee.

More information about the Building Strong Library Associations programme
is available on the IFLA website, and more information about ABADCAM's participation is available
in their country report


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