5 July 2011

Cameroon: Membership growing, strategic planning underway and General Assembly held

Since the first workshop in the BSLA programme in Cameroon, The Association of Librarians, Archivists, Documentalists and Museum Curators (ABADCAM) has undertaken several outreach and planning activities.

An activities committee has been formed to plan events and programmes for the association, and to work on strategic planning. A strategic plan has been drafted by the committee.

General Assembly

At its General Assembly on June 18 2011, ABADCAM president Jerome Ndjock presented the following agenda items:

  • A welcome speech by the president
  • An answer by the representative of the Ministry of Culture
  • The report on BSLA project
  • Adoption of strategic plan
  • Registration of new members

A representative of the Minister of Culture attended the meeting.

Some participants attended the meeting from the South West and North West of Cameroon, led by Rosemary Shafeck. The strategic plan, as presented by chair of the activities committee Michel Guechoun, was accepted.

Membership of ABADCAM has increased since the start of the BSLA programme.

Africa Library Summit

Representatives of ABADCAM attended the Africa Library Summit held in South Africa in May 2011 to make presentations about BSLA and to inform other associations in the region about ABADCAM’s achievements since the start of the programme.

More information about the Building Strong Library Associations programme
is available on the IFLA website, and more information about ABADCAM's participation is available
in their country report

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