23 December 2011

Call for Proposals: Libraries for Literacy: Linking generations, Empowering communities

The Literacy and Reading Section is in the process of planning for the IFLA World Library and Information Congress
to be held in Helsinki, Finland from August 11-17, 2012.

Libraries for Literacy: Linking generations, Empowering communities 

Program structure

Building on the conference theme and spinning off from the five
sub-topics, the Literacy and Reading Section's conference program will
address the role of librarians in both facilitating and leading change
by linking all generations in the community to build local capacities
and multiple literacies through library programs and services.

This is a Call for Papers to solicit people to share their experiences
in case studies that demonstrate how librarians have made a difference
in engaging young and senior members working together in their community
and building literacy through the use of libraries.

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