14 December 2011

Call for Papers: Management of Library Associations Section & New Professionals Special Interest Group

Theme: Strategies for Library Associations: Include New Professionals now!

In these days library associations are under pressure. Faced with multiple challenges, tight budgets and a lack of new members represent, above all, the most urgent warning signs that call for transformation. It seems vital to revisit the associations' message to their (non)members and to think about their roles and responsibilities within an ever-changing LIS profession and the larger society. But are library associations sufficiently equipped to respond to these challenges?

One thing is for sure: In the strategy of strengthening library associations more attention must be paid to attract and facilitate New Professionals. They are a true force for change. Can you imagine your library association as inspiring, surprising, empowering? Not yet? Then it is high time to include New Professionals! How else will you know what your changing field of professionals demands?

The session will give background to a series of strategies and approaches on how to include New Professionals in the work of library associations; it will also offer interactive opportunities to explore new librarians' views on library associations and vice versa.

Proposals must be submitted by 1 February 2012 to Régine Horinstein. Complete information about the session and submitting paper proposals can be found here.

Management of Library Associations, Associations, New professionals

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