30 March 2012

BSLA: Associations begin sharing outcomes from the programme

Each of the first six associations participating in the Building Strong Library Associations programme has been sharing stories and outcomes from the programme. These include increases in membership, success in obtaining government grants, reading campaigns, and advocacy for IFLA’s work on Limitations and Exceptions for Copyright. Over the next few months, IFLA will be sharing more outcomes, reports, and impact as the projects are evaluated.

Each country will be holding a meeting in-country between April and June 2012 with IFLA, where they will have the opportunity to present results to members and stakeholders, plan to sustain development, and review the outcomes of the projects.

Some highlights from the projects to date:

Botswana Library Association has recorded a 100% increase in membership and largest attendance ever at their last national conference. They have received government grants, and are working more closely with the Minister for Education to support school libraries.

Lithuania Librarians’ Association carried out a letter writing and literacy campaign in collaboration with the President, which has resulted in the purchase of 17,000 new books for libraries and a relationship with the association as a trusted partner.

Ukraine Library Association reported on improved, regular communication with members and new services, as well as a 30% increase in membership.

ABADCAM Cameroon shared how learning from their first workshop in 2011 gave a librarian in Buea the skills to present a plan to save a school library from closure. The association successfully advocated to the Ministry for Culture for 50 new librarians to be trained, and these new librarians are now employed in public libraries across the country.

Lebanese Library Association has worked to identify contacts and focused on building relationships in government after reorganizing the structure of the association.

CBP Peru has organised rallies to campaign for public library funding, participated in meetings with the national copyright office to advocate for Limitations and Exceptions, and strengthened networks in regional areas beyond Lima.

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