16 November 2011

Associations begin to assess the impact of the BSLA programme

All six countries that commenced projects as part of the IFLA Building Strong Library Association programme (BSLA) have begun to assess the impact of the programme, ahead of a mini-congress to be held with participants from the six countries in February 2012, and the completion of the projects mid-2012. During this stage of the project, associations are carrying out member surveys and focus groups, some for the first time, to identify member needs and areas for association development. This information will be used together with evidence gathered from interviews, documents, and other information to assess the overall impact of the programme in 2012.

An example of the work each country is doing can be found on the Lithuanian Librarians’ Association’s Flickr page, where they have posted photos and images from a Focus Group held in October 2011.

LDP (Library Development Programme), Associations

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