Satellite meeting in Guatemala City


10 – 11 August 2011


Guatemala City, Guatemala


The Academic and Research Libraries Section is working in cooperation with the LAC section to sponsor a pre-conference satellite meeting. Peter Johan Lor is the keynote...


Theme: Cooperation among multiple types of libraries and affiliated information services of archives and museums toward meeting common goals of sharing 

The Academic and Research Libraries Section is working in cooperation with the LAC section to sponsor a pre-satellite meeting of the IFLA WLIC in Guatemala City, Guatemala on August 10-11, 2011.   

Peter Johan Lor, Visiting Scholar to the School of Information Studies, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee will discuss his passion for the Preservation of Indigenous Language and Literature.  The second day will begin with Alice Miranda Arguedas, Universidad Nacional of Costa Rica and long time ardent advocate for literacy. All presentations, with the ironic exception of Peter Johan Lor, will be in Spanish. There are 21 presentations following the three tracks in concert to the theme for the conference this year – Integration, Innovation, Information for all. Two presentations will be made by Antonio Alba of OCLC and another by the Chair of the IFLA Latin American and Caribbean Section, Dr. Filiberto Felipe Martinez Arellano, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Coordinación de Humanidades.

We will have several tracts related to library consortia, virtual information services, and examples of cooperation among others such as museums, archives, and cultural institutions. 

Guatemala is an easy flight directly to Puerto Rico following the pre-conference.  We are selecting programs of interest to Latin America following the theme of the conference of Libraries beyond libraries: Integration, Innovation and Information for all.  There will be the opportunity to visit the World Heritage Site of Antigua, a short distance from Guatemala City. 


  • Preliminary schedule, list of presentations & venue floorplan [PDF]



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