Newspapers Section 2012 preconference in Mikkeli, Finland

The Electronic Re-Evolution—News Media in the Digital Age


7 – 9 August 2012


Mikkeli, Finland


Newspapers Section 2012 preconference in Mikkeli, Finland

A three-day preconference

The Digital Age has turned the world of News Media upside down. Join us for a chance to hear all about the latest developments in the field and how the leading experts in the field have tackled the new challenges caused by the Electronic Re-evolution!

The preconference will deal with the impact of the electronic re-evolution in the newspaper field at large including e-delivery, crowd-sourcing, digital environment, and copyright issues.

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This preconference will be a joint partnership with the IFLA Preservation and Conservation Section, IFLA PAC and the IFLA Genealogy and Local History Section.

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