Management & Marketing & ARL: ‘Vision 2020: innovative policies, services and tools’


16 August 2011


San Juan, Puerto Rico


Joint Session between ARL and Management & Marketing ‘Vision 2020: innovative policies, services and tools’ is on Tuesday 16th August at 09.30 to 12.45.

  1. UbiLib - When the library is everywhere
    Professor Jim O'Donnell
  2. As for the future, your task is not to foresee it, but enable it
    Professor Derek Law
  3. Ensuring relevance of libraries in a globally interconnected world one perspective from the National Library Board, Singapore
    Ms Lek Choh Ngian
  4. Mobile apps, augmented reality, 3D digital objects, gesture-based computing, and more, innovating the library for the digital world, the case of the Bavarian State Library
    Dr. Klaus Ceynowa
  5. Effective marketing of libraries in a never-better world even it ever-was that way
    Mrs. Janine Schmidt
  6. Understanding, demonstrating, and communicating value: the leadership and management challenge
    Dr. Lisa Hinchcliffe

Programme, Management and Marketing, Puerto Rico

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