Library’s Efficiency, Impact and Outcomes

Statistical Evaluation and Other Methods as Tools for Management and Decision-making


8 – 9 August 2012


University of Turku, Turku, Finland


 University of Turku, Turku, Finland

The conference is organized in cooperation with the IFLA Statistics & Evaluation, Management & Marketing, and Academic & Research Libraries Sections.

    The radical change in the operational environment of libraries has set new challenges for library leadership and management. The traditional method for libraries has been collecting a substantial amount of statistical data. This is no longer enough for modern management. New ways of analysing efficiency, impact and outcomes measurement are needed to obtain better data and information for marketing and managing as well as demonstrating the impact of libraries. In addition to the quantitative data, one also needs qualitative data and methods of identifying users' needs. Finally, combining different types of results and data will provide new possibilities in fighting for the library's resources and meeting the users' service needs.

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    Main themes:

    1. Statistical analysis, qualitative methods as tools for the advocacy of libraries
    2. Evidence based management
    3. Case studies about efficiency, impact and outcomes measurement


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    8 Aug 2012: Library tours + Delegate Reception
    9 Aug 2012: The seminar

    Conference information contacts:

    Markku Laitinen
    Tel. +358 9 191 44 033

    Päivi Kytömäki
    Tel. +358 8 553 3500

    Corey Sue
    Email :
    Tel. +1.604.822.5903

    Accommodations and fee information contact:

    Kaisu Kesonen
    Tel. +358 2 333 6183

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