FRBR Working Group on Aggregates


25 – 27 August 2009


Fiera Milano Convention Centre, Milan, Italy


The FRBR Working Group on Aggregates will meet during the IFLA conference.  Meetings will be held on Tuesday, 25 August, 11:30-13:00, in Turquoise Room 1, and on Thursday, 27 August, 8:00-9:30, in MR 6 (IFLA board room).

WG Members:  Ed O’Neill (USA, Chair), Anders  Cato (Sweden),  Ulrike Junger (Germany), Judy Kuhagen (USA), Paula Goossens (Belgium), Eeva Murtomaa (Finland), Sam Oh (Korea) , Barbara Tillett (USA), Patricia Thurston (USA), Carol  van Nuys (Norway), and Maja Žumer (Slovenia)


Tuesday’s Meeting

1. Correction and approval of minutes for Québec meeting,

2. Review of the two proposed Aggregate Models

a. Review & discussion of Manifestation-of-Expression Works Model as defined in the Definition of Aggregates as Manifestations document.
b. Review & discussion of Work-of-Works Model defined in the Definition of Aggregates as Works document.
Table showing differences in definitions of aggregates

3. Discussion, identification of entities, and modeling of the examples
Examples of aggregates
a. Example 1: The Grisham novels.
b. Example 2: A bilingual manual.
c. Example 3: Humphry Clinker.
d. Example 4: Understanding FRBR.
e. Other examples.

Thursday’s Meeting

4.  Evaluate the models.

5. Recommend an approach to modeling aggregates. 

a. Select one of the two proposed approaches (with or without revisions)
b. Select a hybrid approach.
c. Select a third approach.
d. Other options.

6. Plan the next steps.
a. Following the procedures used by the Expressions WG, propose an amendment to FRBR.
b. Create a supporting document explaining the rationale for the proposed amendment and providing examples.

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Meeting, Bibliographic Conceptual Models (BCM)

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