Conference sponsored by IFLA-PAC: "CULTURAL HERITAGE on line. Empowering users: an active role for user communities"


15 – 16 December 2009


Florence, Italy


The Foundation Rinascimento Digitale, in collaboration with the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and the Library of Congress, is delighted to announce the 2nd edition: “CULTURAL HERITAGE online Empowering users: an active role for user communities”. The conference aims to explore, analyze, and evaluate the state of the art and future trends in user communities and cultural contents on the web from an international perspective, and bring together academic researchers, policy makers and practitioners, providing a forum for the discussion and dissemination of the selected themes.

Internet continues to have an impressive impact on cultural heritage and humanist communities by affecting the way they work, use, exchange and produce knowledge. New architectures and radically different paradigms arise continuously engendering a deep rethinking of traditional roles and tasks. Though a continuous increase in ICT use has spread in the cultural heritage community, cultural institutions have been slower to adopt new technologies for cultural, economic and organizational reasons. Today it seems that users not only are able to adapt to technological changes faster than cultural institutions, but they are also driving innovation, by proposing new ideas and building up new paradigms of knowledge production.

Main topics: 

• Cultural heritage and interactive Web
• Digital libraries
• Digital humanities
• Cooperation among museums, archives, libraries
Digital preservation

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This conference is sponsored by the IFLA-PAC Core Activity.

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