2012 Pre-conference in Klaipeda, Lithuania

Libraries in Networks: Creating, Participating, Co-operating


8 – 9 August 2012


Klaipeda, Lithuania


2012 Pre-conference in Klaipeda, Lithuania

Public Libraries have traditionally worked together to manage and share resources and information, and initiate cooperative projects. Developments in technology have allowed for even greater collaboration and the creation of new networks.

However the concept of a library is changing. If public libraries are to remain relevant to their ever more sophisticated users they have to constantly re-invent themselves; implementing new services, investigating collaborative arrangements and flexible staffing models.

In delivering quality services public libraries are active partners in networks at all levels, raising their profile with government and the community. Through these initiatives public libraries are positioning themselves as places where original ideas are born, hot discussions happen and like-minded persons meet each other.

Public libraries are places where users can creatively solve many problems; develop abilities and competencies; find ideas for their business; and support their interests, life-long learning and well-being. In summary they inspire, inform and entertain.

In today’s interconnected world no library operates in isolation. Through the growth of networks library users are at the centre of developing and sharing knowledge. Public Libraries can use this strength to advocate for their place as being necessary and irreplaceable

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General Themes

The conference organizers invite papers on the following issues:

1. Networked libraries – what do they look like?

  • What qualities do libraries need to have if they want to be part of a network?
  • What are the key elements of successful collaboration?

2. Looking ahead- new challenges and opportunities for networking

3. The Library as a ‘creative lab’ providing opportunities for users to discover, explore and connect

4. Collaboration and partnerships between public libraries and their communities

Participants will be invited to join in discussions, share best practice and network with colleagues attending this IFLA Satellite Meeting.

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  • Lithuanian Librarian’s Association
  • Ieva Simonaityte Klaipeda County Public Library
  • Public Library of Klaipeda Municipality
  • Fridrichas Bajoraitis Public Library of Silute District Municipality


  • Martynas Mazvydas National Library of Lithuania
  • The County Public Libraries Association
  • Klaipeda University Library

Satellite Meeting, Public Libraries, Finland

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