Current Projects

1. CPDWL Global Community Kitchen 

The purpose of the CPDWL Global Community Kitchen is to highlight our SC members' interest with food and cooking! Learn more by viewing the link above! 

2. CPDWL "Get to Know You" Meet Ups 

The purpose of the CPDWL “Get To Know You” Meet Ups is to help our standing committee members to get to know more about each. While normally this would happen organically during the WLIC, we are not able to spend time together and are not able to have informal interactions due to the pandemic. We have 33 standing committee members, corresponding members, and corresponding members - so we will hold 7 meet ups. We are hoping for 100% participation! This series will allow us to get to know each other better.

3.  CPDWL Podcast Project

CPDWL is hosting a series of podcasts where we speak with library leaders to get their perspectives and thoughts on the profession.

Listen to these interesting podcasts!

4.  Coaching Project

Coaching image

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Business coaching focuses on aligning organisational and individual goals to improve individual performance and to ensure that the organisation's mission is achieved.

Wanted: Coaches!  We need your help!

Do you have experience in coaching? Are you willing to learn how to coach?​

In 2021, the coaching initiative will continue as a collaboration between CPDWL and Management & Marketing. As the WLIC will be a virtual event, the coaching activities are be offered online once again. There will be a variety of leadership, management, supervision and other topics for the participants.

Our goal for volunteer coaches is to further your own development as a coach, to prepare you for meeting with an individual to discuss their career and professional development. The IFLA Coach Training activities are available to you all: please see the supporting materials below.

For further information about CPDWL's coaching initiative, please contact:

 Ewa Stenberg, Convenor of the Coaching initiative.

If you are interested in being a coach, send your expression of interest to:

Carmen Lei or
Barbara Schleihagen


IFLA Coach Training

The IFLA Coach Training series consists of 5 recording training presentations which will introduce you to the coaching mindset and process and help you develop your coaching skills. The recordings are delivered in English, while the presentations slides and handouts have been made available in the official IFLA languages. Further details are available in the CPDWL blog post.





Completed projects

Planning for CPDW:L Satellite Meetings

Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning

Last update: 26 June 2021